Humanitarian Work

While speaking to Jamil about his involvement in chairty work,  which he is very active in.  We asked him to give us his views on the matter.


The well being of a society is judged by the actions and lives of its members. Under the best circumstances, an ideal society is one where there are no hungry or homeless people and where cheap Valtrex people do not have to resort to crime and terrorism to feed their desires or needs.

We all know that this type of society rarely exists but it is all my responsibility to ensure that we all try to strive towards this type of society. We must all do our utmost to do good for those who are unfortunate and protect those who need order Proscar protection from those who do not respect this ideal. If we were all to direct our intentions towards this goal, we would be taking the first steps towards creating peace and harmony amongst our people devoid of terrorism.

Government have the most central point in society as our communities look to us to be the enforcers of the peace and harmony required for mental, physical and material security. An inefficient and selfish law enforcement agency will lead to a breakdown of the fiber needed to keep society threaded together. The government needs to be extra compassionate and selfless. We have voluntarily taken the role of ‘peace’ keepers buy Indocin online and we must respect the image that we have amongst our community members.  Charity of all forms is a requisite for all government officers. Charity is not limited to monetary hand outs or by feeding the hungry but by giving a warm helping hand to those who need it, by acting as impartial arbiters and by giving a feeling of security to those who feel insecure amongst us. While the individuals of a society are involved in their own day to day lives, I have to ensure that I am in one way or another involved in everyone’s lives and especially of those that society has shunned or forgotten.

The very core of my existence as ambassador is to respect the equality of human rights of all the members of my society and it is of  paramount importance that all our civil servants and politicians wake up with this thought every single day of our lives. This is my mission, and I pray that my actions will serve as an example and as a reminder of this credo to all.